My Story

I have worked in a variety of social care services in both Ireland and the U.K. from the Simon Community, HMP Wormwood Scrubs, to Merchants Quay Ireland for the past twenty-two years in both the organisation’s low threshold and residential services. My clinical training is in the area of psychodynamic psychotherapy and I have completed the MSc programme in St Vincents Hospital, Elm Park, (affiliated with UCD). My clinical supervision training was with P.C.I. (person-centred Institute) accredited by Middlesex University.

I have also completed training with I.G.R.O. (Irish Group Relations Organisations), Motivational Interviewing, Reality Therapy, and a Diploma in Social Studies with I.F.A.E. (International Foundation for Adult Education).

My training allows me to combine psychodynamic, group interpersonal systems, humanistic, and cognitive approaches to working with people.

From an addiction perspective, a key question can often be how does the object drug function for the person and how do we manage the relationship to both pleasure and enjoyment, pain and suffering.

My Professional Focus:  

I have a particular training and background in working in the area of addiction, from alcohol to drug addiction (opiate and stimulant, cannabis), to process addictions, (gambling, pornography, sex addiction). Other areas that I work with are:

Depression: feeling overwhelmed, low energy levels, hopeless.

Anxiety: free-floating anxiety, panic attacks, stress.

Emotional difficulties: rage, guilt, shame

Relationship issues: intimacy, interpersonal difficulties, family relationships, bullying.

Loss: bereavement, aging, illness

Identity: gender, sexuality, sense of self.

Self-Esteem: self-concept, confidence, self-acceptance.

Isolation: loneliness, managing difficult relationship, struggles with social network.

Occupational issues: conflict at work, career, over-working


My Qualifications:

MSc Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Diploma in Addiction Studies

Advanced Diploma Clinical Supervision

ACI accredited member and clinical supervisor

BpH Philosophy

Reality Therapy Certified

Motivational Interviewing Trainer

Diploma in Social Studies